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How was the blind date???CC Image courtesy of Ewan-M on Flickr

Beatrice checking in.

He’s very sweet, I send back, but I think I’d like a bit more edge or something.  He’s very traditional in some respects.

But you’re quite traditional too.  Is it not the same kind?

Ouch.  I’m not that traditional! 

I wear Converse!

Next thing, Mr Traditional texts me – OK, so he’s not that traditional either – suggesting dinner; and I reply, saying that I thought he was lovely but that I didn’t think the chemistry was there.

Beatrice is back.

Depends on your definition but you’re quite traditional yes (and it’s not a bad thing).

Just because I don’t stream ILLEGALLY…

The ‘traditional’ debate is still going strong when we meet for lunch the next day.  I’m wearing my Converse, to prove a point.

CC Image courtesy of whatleydude on Flickr

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