A River In Egypt

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Strictly speaking, I was not responsible for making the decision to text Joe.  No.  That responsibility lay with:

  1. My editor (see The Bermuda Triangle).
  2. My mother, who told me in no uncertain terms that I was not to take the initiative.  So naturally I did, whilst temporarily transforming into someone who says things like ‘why are we still behaving this way in a post-feminist age?!’
  3. My closest friends, who virtually ordered me to text him; and who, when I tried explaining that it’s best to leave the guy to make the first move, asked me why this was so.  I didn’t have a convincing answer.
  4. And finally, the BBC (and this is the closest this blog will ever get to being topical), for scheduling a certain police drama at the time that they did, so that when I rang my mother she was unavailable to chat, which left me at a loose end with my phone.

See?  Not my fault.

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