A Wee Chat

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‘Fennel tea?’CC Image courtesy of Daniel Panev on Flickr


‘Yes please.’

He makes the tea.  A man hasn’t made me tea since, like…


He hands me a cup of piss.


We sit down at the table.

We sit down… oh for crying out loud.

‘You were saying?’ I ask.

‘Oh – yuh – I really like Chekhov.’

God yeah…

‘Me too.  I’ve only read his short stories – they were amazing – but I’d love to see one of his plays…’

He looks surprised.

‘Really?  You mean it?’


I do.  I… do…

‘Then I’ll let you know when there’s one on and we can go.’

We.  Weeee.

I take a sip; it tastes even worse than it looks.

‘Y’know,’ he says, ‘most people run a mile at the prospect of Chekhov?’

Takes more than that, luv.

CC Image courtesy of AGrinberg on Flickr

6 thoughts on “A Wee Chat

  1. Characters lazing around drinking tea and talking at cross-purposes with a pervading sense of unfulfilled longing? You’re lucky my copyright’s expired, MBE!

    • For a moment there I thought it was Anton du Beke off Strictly Come Dancing, and I got quite excited.

      I’m now even more impatient to see one of your plays. Which would you recommend?

  2. Uncle V

    I’m sitting around worrying about Dr Astrov. He’s an amazing guy: principled and passionate in contrast to everyone else around here. The only thing is that he drinks to much, but I think I can work on that.

    I can’t work out how he feels as I never get anything back from him. I’ve got to tell somebody and Yelena, my step-mother is around.

    ‘I want to talk to you about something.’

    ‘About what?’

    I try a different tack.

    ‘It’s rubbish being ugly’

    ‘You have lovely hair.’

    ‘Really? When a girl’s ugly, people always say she’s got beautiful hair or eyes.’

    That’s just one of life’s truths.

    ‘I’ve been obsessed with him for six years! I’m always thinking about him but I don’t think he even knows I’m there. I told Vanya about it and now eveyone knows.’

    ‘Does he?’

    ‘No, he doesn’t even notice me.’

    ‘He is a strange one. How about this: what if I talk to him about you?’

    I nod. Perhaps not that bad an idea.

    ‘I promise I’ll be careful. I’ll find out how he feels and he won’t even realise. If he’s not interested, I’ll stop him hanging around here so much. It’s best to know.’

    She’s right of course. But as long as I don’t know there’s still hope..

    To be continued.

    • This I need to see (and can’t believe I haven’t)! Poor Sonya: she should have started a blog and saved Yelena the trouble.

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