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My initial response is laughter, followed by disbelief.  My father is first on the scene.  I bring him up-to-date on Tinder, and my association with it, before reading from my phone.

I laugh.  ‘Does he think I’m a complete idiot?!’ 

I run a quick Google search.

‘I thought so,’ I say, reading.

‘What is it?’

‘The period between Christmas and New Year is the busiest time for dating sites.’


‘Yep.’  I pick up the phone.  ‘It kind of smacks of someone – I dunno….’ I re-read the message.  ‘He must be very bored!’

‘Yes.’  My dad laughs.  ‘It’s like he’s catching up on admin!’

Sensitively put.

‘Yeah, well, I’m not impressed – and I’m not going to reply!’

‘It is a bit… insulting.’

‘At least this other guy had the decency to get back in touch before Christmas – that takes a bit more effort!’

But still.  Admin?  I don’t want to be someone’s admin.

CC Image courtesy of studiocurve on Flickr

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