And So Much Wiser

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CC Image courtesy of sean_hickin on FlickrI’m marking my birthday – it’s this weekend, I’m registered at Waitrose – by becoming not older, but considerably wiser.  Keep your eyes peeled for mature dating behaviours:

Realistic expectations

Me: He hasn’t replied.  When do I give up hope?

Flatmate: At this stage, you shouldn’t have any hopes.

Me: No, well, obviously I don’t but…


… greater discretion…

Me: Did I tell you I asked Joe about his flatmate?

Mother (rolling eyes and sighing): No.

Me: That’s strange.  I told everyone else.

 CC Image courtesy of estimmel on Flickr

… and a stronger sense of self-worth…

Beatrice: I still haven’t figured out what your type is.


Me:  Male?

CC Image courtesy of Pensiero on Flickr

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