Anything You Can Do…

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Flatmate and I, on the sofa (not like that), bringing each other up-to-date on our dating lives.  In the absence of any good news, I go with:

‘You know that guy who was here for supper the other day?’

Like two months ago.

‘A little while ago?’


‘That wasn’t a date though, was it?’

‘No, but I wanted it to be.’


‘Yep.  Unrequited Love of the season.’

‘Oh. Right.  You can do better.’

‘A friend said the same thing; it doesn’t help!’

‘Yes it does.’

I laugh. ‘OK.  Yes it does.’


‘My flatmate said the same thing as you, that I could do better.’

‘You can!’ my friend says.

‘It doesn’t matter though.  If you like someone… Out of curiosity is there anyone I’ve liked who you’ve thought is good enough!?’

‘Well, I probably shouldn’t say this, but from what you’ve said about him, I think I’d have approved of Max.’


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