The Best Dating Advice: Part I

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CC Image courtesy of fabiogis50 on FlickrI did an interview the other day for a dating website and one of the questions they asked was, ‘what is the best bit of dating advice you’ve ever been given?’. I started putting the question to friends; here’s what they had to say…

1. Fuck yes.

2. ‘When you’re stroking a girl’s pussy–.’
Karl, I said dating advice!’
‘OK, go on.’

3. Have your flatmate call you halfway through the date, so you’ve got a get-out clause.

Cue long debate about whether or not it would be a deal breaker if a guy answered his phone on a date.

4. Drinks not dinner for a first date.

5. Do be with someone who makes you laugh (because you’ll get saggy as you get older).

6. ‘If you can get a girl to dance with you, you can probably get her to go for drinks with you… you can probably get her to kiss you…’
‘I think I see where this is going.’

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CC Image courtesy of i.tokaris on Flickr

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