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I’ve asked Toby for advice about the whole ‘Joe’s flatmate‘ situation.  Or lack thereof.Thalia_sarcophagus_Louvre

‘What’s so amazing about this guy?’ he says.

Aside from the fact he’s not you?

‘Do you want to violently undress him?’

This, I ignore.

‘He’s funny…’ I say.

Or rather he thinks I’m funny, which is much more important.

‘… and he seemed to like me.’

You should try it sometime.

‘Not to be sneered at, no?’

Toby’s verdict comes back:

‘Funny and into you: necessary but not sufficient.’

He also looks a bit like Ben Whishaw.  I rest my case.

CC Image courtesy of Rev Stan on Flickr


3 thoughts on “Bright Star

  1. B and I have compiled some additional qualities for an acid test. I’ll leave you to decide which were her criteri-a and which mine:

    Intelligent, has good values, at least somewhat culturally aware, good looking, smells good, has a beautiful singing voice, owns a country and has a dog.

    Reasonable enough, no?

  2. B has standards and doesn’t see why she should lower them.

    B has been single for 20 years and lives alone with her 4 dogs.

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