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Your smile is different now
Like before and after a secret is shared
As if to say
Now we both know

Your hair no longer scraped back
But worn natural

The smile reaches your eyes now
There is no fear
No uncertainty
And you look younger

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At the end of the day

Little things

Little things

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CC Image courtesy of Pensiero on FlickrIt was such a little thing

When you came and sat beside me

But I felt safe

And quiet

And like I didn’t have to speak

You didn’t speak

At first

Only smiled

A small, secretive smile

And stole a glance


Your question

When it came

Was simple and kind

My mind a mess with yes and no

And everything in between

You could have made me feel small

And low


At the end of the evening

I went out onto the balcony

And found you there

Two empty chairs

I took the one to my left

And saw your mouth twitch

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At the end of the day

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CC Image courtesy of Sue Hasker - Apologies to my followers for my rece on FlickrWhen I’m having a godawful day

With emails lining up like sentries

It is

Your smile

Your words that sustain me

Though they were brief

And unpremeditated

Given in passing as you left for the day

That brief minute


When you stopped and chatted

About some fad or other


Each time I find we have less to say

And it matters more

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For You

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CC Image courtesy of raxenne on Flickr

you are lithe
in love with words

sexy again

you get me out of bed
you’d get me into bed
you’d stop me sleeping

you are my thoughts before my dreams
my stories star you
my poems too

come into my dreams
I dress for you
I’d undress for you
I look my best for you

I do the rest for you
I do it all for you

I do
I do

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Tell Me

Damn You

Tell Me

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CC Image courtesy of Eole on Flickr

‘Tell me’

You would say.

You said it there

On the white sofa

My favourite line


Tell me

Like an order




And I would put my thoughts in order ready to

Tell you.


‘Tell me’

I might be straddling you on the sofa

Or playing with the straw

Of the drink you bought me

Searching for the words

With which to

Tell you.


‘Tell me’

My favourite command

And you would listen


For a while.

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