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Change of Heart

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CC Image courtesy of Xanda on FlickrOlly was the best dancer there.


The hall is emptying.  Sam wanders over to me.

‘You coming to the pub?’ he says.

‘Hmmm maybe – just to say bye to a few people.’

On the way out, I pass Olly standing in a small group.

I catch his eye.  ‘Goodnight.’

He steps away from the others, and lays a hand on my arm.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.’

I give it.

‘I’m Olly,’ he says.

We shake hands.

‘Nice to meet you,’ I say.  ‘Good dancing.’

Understatement of the decade.

He looks surprised.  ‘Oh!  Thank you.  And same, I thought you were particularly good.’


‘Oh.  Thank you!’

As I walk away I hear him say to one of the group,

‘Pub, yes?’

You bet.


CC Image courtesy of Chris Cotterman on Flickr