Commitment Issues

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Lawyer peruses the paper in his hand, and says,CC Image courtesy of the Italian voice on Flickr

‘This isn’t the CV of someone with a vocation.’

He gives me a searching look.

I could murder the dictionary definition of vocation right now.

‘What you need if you’re going to be in this game,’ he goes on, ‘is commitment.  Are you committed?’


He changes tack.  ‘I assume you saw Question Time last night?’

Nope.  No – let’s see – last night I was watching YouTube videos of Ben Whishaw.  To whom I am very committed.

‘No, I didn’t,’ I say.

‘Oh.’  Lawyer looks slightly crestfallen.


I’m shown to the front door via one of the offices, where Lawyer introduces me to the firm’s co-founder.  He’s just finished a meeting with a smartly-dressed young man.

‘And this is Jonathan Caswell,’ Lawyer says, gesturing towards him, ‘counsel in the blah blah blah.’

Counsel shakes my hand. ‘Nice to meet you.’  And looks me in the eye, steady as a rock.

I smile back.  ‘And you.’

Oh I’m committed alright.

CC Image courtesy of SalFalko on Flickr

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