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‘I did that bit of research you asked me to do.’CC Image courtesy of Meyersph on Flickr

‘Research?’  Toby says.

‘Rebecca?  Don’t worry, I was very wily.  She didn’t suspect a thing.’

‘Oh.  And…?’

I hesitate, fingers poised ready to type.  There must be a nice way to say it.

‘She sees you as a friend.  In a nutshell.’

‘Ah ha.  Well that’s fine.  So I’m a nut?’

‘Cashew, specifically.’

‘Salted or unsalted?’

‘Honey roast.  You got style.’

Damn you.

‘She said I’m a honey roast cashew?  I’ll take that.  How were you so wily?’

‘Just was.  Flash of inspiration outside Tesco.’

‘You interviewed her about me outside Tesco?  It’s hardly the place…’

‘Be grateful it wasn’t The 99p Store!’

‘I’m sure if she had been feeling more relaxed and comfortable, her answer would have been quite different.’

I’m sure if you had liked me, your answer would have been quite different.

CC Image courtesy of LoopZilla on Flickr

2 thoughts on “Contains Nuts

  1. It’s all about the right incentive, isn’t it?
    I’m sure she would have considered the option if it was in front of Waitrose.
    God knows what she would have said if it was in front of Whole Foods…

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