Cure For Love

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Don’t see him.  Don’t call or text, send a Facebook message, or email.  Don’t ‘like’ or comment on his status or photos.  Don’t so much as look at his photos.  Don’t listen to the song he sent you a link to, and if you do, don’t listen to the lyrics.  They don’t contain a secret message.

Don’t write a letter, or do what one of my dearest friends did and send him pistachios in the post.  Or cashews, or almonds, or any other kind of dried goods.  I know you probably hadn’t thought of doing it, but just in case.

Don’t do what I almost did and give him a birthday present… four months after the event, because you saw something you know he’d really like.

And don’t do what I probably will and give it to him for Christmas instead.

Read Wendy Cope’s brilliant poem ‘Two Cures for Love’ here.

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