Double Trouble

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CC Image courtesy of yugoQ on Flickr

Luke made the move on the dance floor.  Nothing obvious.  Just a bit of eye contact, and eventually a conversation, some platonic dancing.  Not the greatest dancer, but he seemed nice.

I hadn’t paid much attention to Harry, not because he’s not attractive – he is, if not exactly my type – but because he hadn’t seemed remotely interested.  And whilst I would be the first to admit that that is usually exactly my type, tonight I was enjoying feeling attractive.

Which makes it… inconvenient when, in the back of the taxi, I find myself wanting to banter with Harry.  Except that, not quite trusting Harry, with his gift of the gab and banker swag, I don’t want to jeopardise my chances with Luke.  And because I can’t really see how to pull this one off, I decide to look out of the window.

‘What’s Sussex like?’

Harry working his magic.  It’s that simple, boys.

‘Green,’ I say.

It’s a lame response, but something about him spells trouble.  And I don’t want trouble.

‘It’s very pretty,’ I go on, ‘in parts.  A prettier version of Surrey.’

He’s from Surrey.  Whoops.

‘Which bit?’ I say.

It turns out we share the same hometown.  A wander down memory lane ensues, in the course of which it emerges that Harry was educated abroad.  There are a million questions I want to ask, but I bite my tongue.  The taxi comes to a stop outside Luke’s flat and we get out.

CC Image courtesy of Stephen Fulljames on Flickr

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