Dressing for Dinner

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CC Image courtesy of roboppy on FlickrI’m sitting eating a croissant, because of course they’re not fattening, when I get a text from my Mum.  She’s in London for the day.

‘I’m free.  Can I come to you now?’

I look down at my pyjamas: tracksuit bottoms and a lace-trimmed v-neck.  I should probably get dressed.

‘Of course!’ I send back. ‘E.t.a.?’

They might pass for loungewear, whatever that is.

‘Half 5?’

Hmm not worth the risk.

I’m about to confirm that half 5 is fine, when I get another message:

‘Change of plan.  Meet you at the restaurant.’

Is loungewear on trend?

CC Image courtesy of genibee on Flickr

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