Eat, Pray…

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I’m not a religious person.  When it came to listing my religious views on Facebook, it was a toss up between ‘Waitrose’ and ‘Ottolenghi‘.  But there are times when Yotam’s Green Pancakes, heavenly as they are, can’t make everything better.  Times when you need to bring out the big guns; when you find yourself thinking, and even saying out loud (because you’re in the middle of a wood and listening to music, so can’t hear the walkers coming round the next bend), ‘Please, God, please, let him call’.

I’ll let you know if he delivers.  And in the meantime, there’s Ocado.

2 thoughts on “Eat, Pray…

  1. God I’ve been there. I have a bone to pick though – just wasted valuable preening time (I’ve been letting myself go of late) googling Yotam’s Green Pancakes. Wasn’t disappointed though, and frankly even with my culinary skills I expect them to be infinitely more rewarding.

    • Hi H,

      Sorry to hear you’ve been there too!

      Don’t worry, time spent googling Ottolenghi recipes is never time wasted. At least I hope that’s true, cos if not, I waste a LOT of time! Do try the pancakes and let me know what you think:

      A few tips: 1. Cook all of the mixture straightaway. The batter contains whisked egg white, so the longer you leave it before cooking, the denser the pancakes will be. 2. You can substitute regular spinach for the baby spinach. 3. The recipe makes a lot of the lime butter; you might want to freeze half for the next time you make the pancakes. (And finally!) 4. Wear disposable gloves when it comes to chopping the chilli! Good luck!

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