Egg Flip: Part II

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CC Image courtesy of JotaEse92 on Flickr(Continued from Egg Flip: Part I)

Nick’s heading off.

‘Well… are you in London for the weekend?’ I say.

He doesn’t bite.  He does tell me of his weekend plans.  The chat is flirty and fun and there are a few of those truly great moments where you’re both laughing at something which isn’t all that funny and your eyes meet, and it’s like… yep.

‘Do you like my bag?’ he says.

‘“Emotional baggage”,’ I read and laugh.  ‘It’s cool.  Where’s it from?’

‘Where I work.’  He shows me the quirky label which it came with.  ‘It’s almost worth having just for the label.’

I laugh.  ‘I bought something the other day just because I loved the box it came in.  Sometimes the packaging is more exciting than the object itself!  Like, one of my most prized possessions is an egg carton…’

I’m not weird.

He smiles.  ‘Proust could probably write a book about that.’


‘An egg carton – Proust could probably make something of that.’


‘Yeah well, it’s an empty one, so that’s probably even more meaningful!’

We laugh.

‘So,’ he says, ‘do you have anymore reeling coming up?’

I tell him I’m going to a ball in a couple of weeks’ time – actually it’s in Oxford.

‘Ah. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to that one.  I’ve been for the past couple of years….’

‘You should come,’ I say.  ‘There’ll be dancing!’

And bugger all subtlety on my part if tonight is anything to go by.


He must dash.  We kiss on the cheeks.

‘Nice to see you,’ I say.

‘Thank you for the dance.’

Wrong answer.

CC Image courtesy of jgraham on Flickr

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