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CC Image courtesy of World Resources on Flickr‘Where is home?’

‘Sussex?’ I say.


I tell him the nearest town. ‘Well, we live in the middle of a field, not far from it.  We do have a house in the field!’

‘“We live in a tent!”’ he says, in a silly voice.

I laugh.

He goes on.  ‘We have a house in North Norfolk, so I know the whole East Anglia bit fairly well.’


‘Sussex isn’t in East Anglia, is it?’ he says, catching the expression on my face.

I laugh.  ‘Err no, it’s… south west of London?’

He looks thoughtful.

‘You’ve got Kent,’ I say, drawing shapes in mid-air, ‘then East Sussex, then West Sussex – very imaginative – then err Surrey…’

‘Oh OK.  I don’t know why I thought it was East Anglia.  That’s a bit embarrassing.’

‘Nah, I’d be concerned if you had an intimate knowledge of the counties of England.  So long as you know Wessex – as in, Hardy country….’

We both read English at university – which doesn’t make my comment any less weird.  I change the subject. 

‘What’s Hampton Court like?  I’m guessing you live in the palace – I mean, that’s the only house there, right?’

He chuckles.  ‘Sure, sure…’

I join in laughing.

‘No, it’s nice,’ he says, ‘a bit like Richmond.’

‘I like Richmond.’

I like you more.

CC Image courtesy of Steven Beger Photography (Beger.com Productions) on Flickr

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