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You’re probably wondering what happened with Thursday Guy post-Perfect Message.  (Don’t worry, he didn’t order ice-cream.  And if he had, Exception #1 closely followed by #3 and #4 would probably have applied, since he took me to a Michelin-starred restaurant for our first date.)  Well, Wandering Hands is what happened, and we know how that one panned out.

Pass the Ben and Jerry’s.

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3 thoughts on “Fallout

  1. I don’t understand… is Thursday Guy and Wandering Hands the same person? Is this panning out like one of those complicated chronologically-apathetic movies?

    • Hi Oli,
      Thanks for your comment.
      No, they are not the same person. Dinner with Thursday Guy predated coffee with Wandering Hands.
      Did you have a particular movie in mind? If it’s been on iPlayer, I might have seen it 🙂

      • I note that the articles are now split between present tense and once upon a time. What great response to customer feedback. I think I have a much better understanding now. Thankyou mbe.

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