Family Concerns

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‘Didn’t you mention that your father reads your blog?! My father would be horrified to find out such things about his daughter!’

A friend’s reaction to Sex Before Christmas.


The same day, I get a message from my brother:

‘[E]rm, i think u might want to tone down ur blog a bit[.]’ 

Five years at one of the country’s leading public schools.  Still no word from my father.


Knits ‘n’ Knobs goes up.  Within the hour, I get an email:

‘Navy blue.  I would have kept it.  Dad’


That evening, over supper, my mother informs him,

‘Our son took exception to the blog post, ‘Sex Before Christmas’.’

‘Oh yes?’

‘Did you read it?’

‘I think so.  Was it the one about the navy blue jumper? I would have kept the jumper.’

Shades of beige t-shirt

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