Fish Out Of Water

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CC Image courtesy of yaw yong zin on FlickrI’ve been doing ‘fish out of water’ impressions around the flat for a couple of hours.  Flatmate knows something’s up.  Loading the dishwasher, I crack.

‘Would you ever ask for a girl’s number after she spends the night if you had no intention of using it?’

Flatmate stirs his pasta.



‘… you might.’


‘But whyyyy?  To make her feel better?’

‘Maybe, or – .’

‘Well, it doesn’t.  I mean, it might make me feel better at the time….’

Cat’s out the bag.

‘… but if he’s not gonna get in touch… what were you gonna say?’

‘Perhaps he didn’t know if he would use it when he asked for it.’

‘Indecision?!  Well – well – that’s not allowed!’

I flounce out.


CC Image courtesy of Carlos Smith on Flickr

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