For Richer for Poorer…

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‘Marry a nice person…’CC Image courtesy of Nasir Nasrallah on Flickr

It’s my aunt’s birthday party; the husband of one of her friends is giving me ‘career advice’.

‘… that’s the most important thing,’ he says.  ‘Marry a nice person.  Don’t just go for good looks…’

Would I ever?

‘… because if they’re good-looking, they might cheat…’

And if they’re butt-ugly they might cheat.  And which would feel worse?

‘… so marry a nice person.’

Got it.

‘And, if possible, someone with money.  That always helps.’

Nice and rich then.

‘That’s what my wife did.  Or at least she thought she was marrying someone rich, but…’

He’s already told me the story of how his business collapsed, leaving him with huge debts.

‘… well – so – yes, marry a nice person.’

‘That’s easier said than done!’ I say.

Nice, rich, and ugly don’t grow on trees.

CC Image courtesy of f_shields on Flickr

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