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CC Image courtesy of sean dreilinger on Flickr‘I shouldn’t contact Nick, should I?’

‘Nick?  Who’s Nick?’

I know how Rachel feels; it’s hard to keep track sometimes.

‘The guy I mentioned on the phone earlier?’

‘Oh – right.  Probably not, no.’

She’s right of course.  This is a man with the world at his feet.  I might as well pursue Linford Christie for all the good it will do me.


The party’s winding down.  I get my bag and coat, check my phone.

Four new messages, from Beatrice, Rachel, my brother, and… Linford Christie.

I stare a moment, laugh, and open it.

Sorry I missed your call.  I had fun dancing

‘What the…?!’

It takes me a moment to find the call log on my new phone, but when I do, there he is.  10 hours ago: Nick.  Shit.

I send back an apology, blame my new not-so-smart phone for having a mind of its own, and concur.  I also enjoyed dancing; the route to getting there, not so much.

CC Image courtesy of Army Medicine on Flickr

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