Funny About Money

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‘How about I take us to an indulgent foodie night there?’CC Image courtesy of Muy Yum on Flickr

The ‘there’ to which he was referring was pricey, and reputed to serve the best food south of the river.  Cue violent internal struggle: gourmande versus Miss Independent.


Fast forward to the night of the date.  Flatmate fires off a checklist:


I don’t hesitate. ‘He’s paying.’

Sharp intake of breath from Flatmate. I leap to my own defence. ‘He said it would be on him.’

‘Yeah but still.  I hate it when a girl takes it for granted.’

So do I.  Five minutes later, I leave the house, debit card in tow.


We get up to leave.

‘Errr…erm…the bill?’ I say.

‘It’s taken care of.’

‘Bad, but thank you.’

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