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I find Flatmate in the kitchen.CC Image courtesy of seq on Flickr

‘I’ve found someone better, for the room,’ I say.  ‘There’s just one downside…’

I fight to suppress a smile.

‘… he’s quite attractive!’

Flatmate rolls his eyes.  ‘Why is he better?’

Did I not just say he’s quite attractive?

‘He just seemed very together and ‘on it’,’ I say.

I love how some words don’t mean anything.

Flatmate looks doubtful.

‘I swear, it’s not because he’s attractive!’

‘Yes it is,’ he says.

I laugh.  ‘It’s not!  Seriously it’s a bad thing that he’s attractive!  I wish he wasn’t!’

I do talk a lot of crap.

Flatmate gives me a look.

‘Seriously, he’s the best candidate,’ I say.  ‘Shall I see if he’s around tomorrow night?  It would be good for you to meet him.’

‘Yes,’ he says, ‘I think I should.’

Funny thing: I’m in tomorrow night.

CC Image courtesy of Liberal Democrats on Flickr

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