Happy Birthday

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CC Image courtesy of aturkus on FlickrI turn to see Tristan standing behind me.  He’s wearing forest green, which is a mistake.

‘I didn’t know it was your birthday.’

‘Oh!’  I can’t help grinning. ‘Yes, well, on Sunday.  How did you know?!’

Facebook, it has to be.

For the rest of the day, everywhere I go, around the office, people are wishing me a Happy Birthday.  There’s a photo shoot for staff.  The lady walking me to the studio asks about my weekend plans.

‘Well, it’s my birthday…’

‘Of course!’

I grin.


The photographer points towards a small round table in the centre of the room.

‘You’ll be sitting on the stool.’

It’s a very big stool, I think to myself.  When she’s ready, I walk over, and perch on the edge of it.  She laughs.

‘It’s funny, a few people have done that!’

I turn and see the stool behind the table, and laugh.  ‘Ah OK.’

‘So,’ she says, clicking away, ‘it’s your birthday this weekend?’

Huh?  We’re not Facebook friends.

‘Have you got any plans?’

I tell her about the dinner party.  Little do I know that this is the happiest my birthday will get.

‘I love your colours,’ she says.


I’ve donned teal for the occasion.  It occurs to me that forest green might have been a deliberate choice on Tristan’s part.

‘Shall we try a serious one?’

We try.

‘No, you’re a smiler.’

I laugh.


The photographer passes my desk on the way out.

‘Have a great weekend, and Happy Birthday!’ she says.


Little do I know…

CC Image courtesy of ebatty on Flickr

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