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(Continued from Fish Out of Water)CC Image courtesy of Jer Kunz on Flickr

I’m back and hovering.

‘If you want to pick my brains about something, now’s the time to do it,’ Flatmate says.  ‘I’ll be cooking for the next forty-five minutes.’

‘Errr OK… so….’

I bring him up to speed on the events of the weekend.  He frowns over the frying pan.

‘Do you actually like

More ‘fish out of water‘ impression.  The standard acid test is obviously redundant.  Eventually I emit a sound.


‘Because from the way you’ve talked about him, I don’t get the impression you’re that interested, and from what you’ve said of his behaviour, well, it doesn’t sound like he thought you were the love of his life.’


That’s so not the point.

CC Image courtesy of Rigmarole on Flickr

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