An Idiot Abroad

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CC Image courtesy of erin_everlasting on Flickr

‘He said hello and then ignored you the rest of the night?’

Ever the optimist.

‘No, because… that would have required him to turn up!’

Flatmate laughs.  ‘Oh God.’

I follow him upstairs.

‘But it didn’t matter!  It was such a good night – probably the best night I’ve had since moving to London!’

Flatmate sighs.  ‘Who did you meet?’

‘No one!  That’s what’s so great.  It was the first party I’ve really enjoyed where I didn’t meet anyone!’

I do a little dance in front of the mirror.

‘That’s not entirely true…’

He rolls his eyes.

‘… there was someone, but there’s a girlfriend.  But it wasn’t just him – it was just a really fun night!’

Flatmate is looking at something on his computer.  ‘I hope you realize now that this guy is a complete idiot.  I can’t believe you’ve liked him all this time.’

‘I didn’t!  I was over it, and then – he invited me to this thing.’

‘Which he wasn’t at–.’

‘He didn’t know I was coming.’

‘I thought you said he invited you?’

‘Yeah, but on Facebook.’

‘Ohhh it was a Facebook thing.’


I do a pirouette in the doorway….

The flatmate was dreamy though.’

… and skip downstairs.

What an idiot.

CC Image courtesy of masochismtango on Flickr

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