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‘He had to pack!’

‘If you’re a guy, you can pack in half an hour.’

I’ve made the mistake of telling Flatmate about Nice Guy; specifically about how he cancelled drinks on Tuesday (not nice) in order to ‘steady the ship’ before going off on holiday. I haven’t told him that I googled ‘steady the ship’ to death after The Free Dictionary failed to come up trumps. I knew what the phrase meant (sort of), but that didn’t stop me reading about Bell and Broad’s impressive performance on Day 3 of the first Test, or Lampard’s goal for Chelsea against Reading at Stamford Bridge.

‘He works long hours though,’ I say, ‘and he was doing stuff on Sunday and he was out Monday night and blah blah blah….’

‘If he really liked you, he’d have met you for drinks.’

CC Image courtesy of Britanglishman on Flickr

I put Flatmate’s argument to my brother. He laughs heartily.

‘Half an hour to pack?!’

My little heart soars.

‘More like half a minute!’

I don’t look happy.

My brother frowns. ‘Actually…’


‘… it took me a while to pack my revision stuff – my books and stuff – before coming home for the weekend.’

‘The guy was going on holiday! He didn’t take revision books!’

Or did he?

CC Image courtesy of Templarion on Flickr

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