I’ve Got My Pride

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I nod in the direction of the host.  ‘I’m his sister.’CC Image courtesy of Loren Javier on Flickr

The guy looks surprised.

‘I know!’ I say.  ‘You’d have thought my parents would’ve called a halt after him.’

It occurs to me that I’m effectively talking about my parents’ sex life to a complete stranger.  He laughs, and introduces himself.

‘That’s an unusual name,’ I say.

‘There’s a Bollywood star with the same name.’

‘Oh right.  I’ve only seen one Bollywood film, and I’m not sure it really counts – Bride and Prejudice?’

No surprises there.

‘My brother was in that,’ he says.


‘Yep – as an extra in the wedding scene.  He had to dance like this… ’

I’m treated to a demo.

We go on to discuss the local neighbourhood (shabby), the pros and cons of single-sex education, and our respective flatmates.  We’ve been chatting for some time; any longer and I’ll be, as Austen would say, ‘in some danger’ of liking the guy. He gives me a nudge, and nods in the direction of a girl standing by the window.

‘Do you know Maria?’ he says.

‘Err, well, sort of.  We met earlier.  Why?’

I know Maria.’

I smell a rat.  Not literally, which is surprising given our surroundings.


‘What do you think of her?’ he says.

‘She seems lovely.  I mean – we only spoke briefly, but I’d like to have chatted longer.  Why – are you… ?’

‘There’s something about her,’ he says, distractedly.

I look from him to Maria, then back.  Something – the wine perhaps – makes me ask,

‘Is she – your girlfriend!?’

And it’s probably the wine which makes him say,

‘No – well – we’re lovers!’


‘There’s something about her…’ he says again.

‘Well, she’s very beautiful.’  My voice has hardened.

‘No, that’s not it.  There’s something – I can’t put my finger on it….’

‘Well then you’re not a very good lover!’ I say, laughing, and turn away.

CC Image courtesy of chrismetcalf on Flickr

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