Knits ‘n’ Knobs

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The phone rings; it’s Harry.

‘Hello!  Darling, you’ll never guess where I am…’  Darling has a pretty good idea. ‘I’m in London!’  Yup.  ‘I wondered if you fancied meeting for a coffee?’

We settle on a time and place.  I’m about to hang up when…

‘Oh, also, would you be able to bring that jumper?’

I look down at the warm, navy, Ralph Lauren knit I’m wearing.

‘Yes – sure.’

Damn, just as the weather’s getting colder.

‘Wonderful!  See you in a little while.  Can’t wait, darling.’

‘Yes.  Bye, Harry.’    


‘Your jumper.’

‘Thank you.  Have you been wearing it?’ 

Where did that come from?

‘Erm, once….’  …a week.  Minimum.

‘Oh, I hoped you would…’ 

‘Oh, well, maybe a few times.  It’s a very nice jumper.’  

‘Good.  I like to know it’s given pleasure.’  

Hmmm.  Not that nice.

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