Lady Grey

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‘Charcoal and tomato red.’CC Image courtesy of Cea on Flickr  My mother holds the swatches up to my face.

I study my reflection in the mirror.

‘I like.’

What’s not to?

My mother nods.

‘It’s a great combination.’

‘Winter then?’ I say.

‘No question.’

‘So black is OK?’


‘And – and grey?’

We laugh.  It’s a running joke between my Mum and I, my obsession with all things grey.  The long winter evenings just fly by.

‘Yes, we said charcoal’s good – with contrast.’

‘And what about white?’ I say.

‘Not ivory.’

‘Oooh problem for the wedding dress.’

‘You can wear white.’

She has a point.

‘Or….’  I start laughing.

‘Not grey!’

 CC Image courtesy of libertygrace0


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