How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

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All I catch is his name and ‘asked for your number’.  I do my utmost not to let my emotions show in my face.  She doesn’t know me very well; it wouldn’t do to scare her.

‘Woah woah woah,’ I say, putting a hand on her arm.  ‘What did you say?’

She laughs and looks a bit embarrassed.  ‘The day after the dinner party, he texted me saying how it was really nice to meet everyone, especially Anna…

I’m Anna.

‘… and could he have your number.’

I’m slightly lost for words.  Ten days have elapsed since said dinner party and it’s the first I’ve heard of this.  As for the guy, he must have got fed up of waiting for my number because, just the other day, he’d sent me a Facebook message.

I laugh and do fish out of water for a bit.  ‘I’m…’

Surprised?  Confused?  Baffled?  It obviously hasn’t occurred to her that I might have been hoping to hear from the guy.

She looks perplexed.

‘I’m just….’ I laugh again.  ‘It’s just that most of my female friends would have probably let me know, like, straightaway…?!!’

‘Well, I wanted to check that you were OK with me giving him your number first.’

Has she not heard of texting, ringing, or Facebook?  Or letter, or messenger or fucking carrier pigeon?!!!

‘What, tonight?’


‘Ah, OK.’ I strive for casual.  ‘Well, yes, I am.’

CC Image courtesy of Karl Watson on Flickr

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