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CC Image courtesy of Not enough megapixels on Flickr(Continued from Something New)

‘How did you leave it?’ Beatrice says, over cornbread and poached eggs the next day. ‘Was it awkward?’

‘Oh,’ I screw up my face, ‘we hugged and he said ‘see you very shortly’ but with an infinitesimal hesitation between ‘you’ and ‘very’ which makes me think I won’t be seeing him again… ever!’

‘How do you feel about it?’

‘Oh… I mean, in my gut I probably know we’re not the best fit, but he’s really hot!’ I laugh. ‘I dunno, I’d like to go on a date with him just to see but it probably won’t happen.’


Partly because he’s really hot, and partly because Sarah assures me he’s not a douche, I drop Olly a line. Tennis had come up in conversation so I offer myself up as an opponent.


Ryan shakes his head.

‘I know, I know!’ I say. ‘I’m not sure what I was thinking. I guess… I didn’t think I’d be hearing back from him so it didn’t matter!’

I laugh; Ryan groans.

‘I’m going to have to find my tennis racket, and buy some tracksuit bottoms…’

Of the pairs that I own, one has a hole in the crotch and the others stop just north of my ankles – not a good look.

‘Also,’ I scratch my head, ‘my hearing’s not very good at the moment – I think it’s my cold – so I won’t be able to hear anything he’s saying from the other end of the court!’

Which is when Ryan says it’s like something out of Miranda.

I laugh. ‘I know.’

I turn back to my computer, thinking at least my breasts don’t clap.

CC Image courtesy of jovike on Flickr

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