Love in a Cold Climate

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‘You’re very…’Image courtesy of Andrew Wordsworth


‘… intelligent…’


‘… and attractive…’

I love my editor.

‘… so what are you doing wrong?!’


‘Perhaps you’re choosing the wrong type?  I don’t know what your type is…’

That’s because you don’t read my blog!

‘… but, well, with this guy, what do you think the reason was?’

I give a moving and rather eloquent speech (‘he sensed I was keen… could’ve played it cool… blah blah blah‘), the substance of which is that the guy wasn’t that interested.

‘Hmmm.  It must just be bad luck, it happens to all of us.  I told you about the drought?’

Yes, but I’m very happy to hear it again: the story of how he and his brother endured an eighteen-month period of no sex in their mid-twenties (poor things), before things picked up again.  He concludes in sombre tone,

‘…and then we both met the girls of our dreams.’

I laugh.  But secretly I’m thinking, this isn’t a drought, it’s a climate; and it needs to change.

Image courtesy of Andrew Wordsworth

Photos: Andrew Wordsworth (


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