Man Of His Word

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Harry‘s visit changed my life.

He texted me at the last minute, looking for a place to crash post-ball.  His actual words were, ‘Is your bed still available?’  Devastating good looks, buckets of charm, and a terrible reputation:  I knew he was trouble, and so I hesitated.  Three seconds later, I sent back: ‘Sure.’

It was the usual guff:CC Image courtesy of ketrin1407 on Flickr

‘You’ve got an amazing body.’

‘That dress really shows off your figure.’

Which rapidly degenerated into…

‘I could do incredible things to you.’


‘I’d cancel brunch with my landlady if…’

Leave the landlady out of it.

I had to give him credit for a) having a damn good try, and b) changing my life for the better. His visit came a week into my new running regime, and, had it not been for his barrage of hackneyed compliments, I doubt I’d have kept it up.

So yes, he did do an incredible thing.

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