Matters of the Heart

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‘You should go out with Peter!’CC Image courtesy of evil nickname on Flickr

‘Errr no,’ I say.

‘Why not?!  He’s tall!’

‘That’s not the only criteria!’

I know what’s coming.


‘Grrr I knew you’d say that.’

‘Obviously.’  There’s a pause.  ‘He’s quite good-looking too.  Tall and good-looking!’

‘Those aren’t the only things that matter!’  I say.

No – what matters is that he corrects criteria to criterion, that I know he’s going to do it and I laugh all the same.  What matters is that talking to him on the phone makes me so deliriously happy that I have to pretend I’m drunk on wine, or coffee.  What matters is that, when I make a joke and Peter doesn’t get it, I know that he would. That’s what matters.

CC Image courtesy of one2c900d on Flickr

4 thoughts on “Matters of the Heart

    • Given your obvious wit, modesty, and magnanimity, I fail to see how any woman could resist you; and so I don’t think you can be Peter.

      If it’s any consolation, MBE would be lost without ‘Er’ 🙂

  1. Thanks mbe, it would make life so much easier if everyone instantly realised how great I was like you.

    FYI, Peter sounds like a perfect fit for my giant stature. Number?

    Ey are

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