Meet And Greet

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‘Charlie!  Hi.’

‘Hello!  Just replied to your text; you’ll probably get it in a sec.’

‘Oh right – yes – sorry, I was sitting inside.’  I hadn’t expected to feel this nervous.

‘I was standing at the other exit for ten minutes, but then thought I’d check round here…’

‘Yeah, sorry, I was waiting by the ticket office.  It’s quite a big station; I should probably have been more specific about where to meet.  I was just sitting because…’  Where am I going with this?

We’re at the pedestrian crossing.  Normally I’d wait for the traffic lights to go red; not today.  Two paces in, I think better of it, and re-join Charlie on the pavement.

‘I tend to ignore the lights, or you never get anywhere round here.’

Cars speed past in both directions.  Charlie politely concurs.

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