Men and Buses (Freddie, Part 2)

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CC Image courtesy of failing_angel on FlickrFreddie joins me on the pavement.

‘How are you getting home?’ he says.

I nod towards Beatrice ‘Tube.’

‘Why don’t you take the bus?’ he says.

‘Errr….’  I notice he isn’t carrying his helmet.  ‘You’re not cycling?’

‘Oh – no, I’m taking the bus.  You should take the bus.’

‘I didn’t know there was one that went from here to mine,’ I say.

There’s a pause.

‘Well – it doesn’t – but it goes quite close!’

I laugh.  ‘Right, I’m getting the tube.’

‘Then I’ll get the tube with you.’ He thinks for a moment.  ‘No, I’ll get the bus.  Take the bus, then I can enjoy your company!  And then – I’ll walk you back to yours.’

It’s fifteen minutes in the wrong direction for him.  I can feel myself blushing.

‘Hmm… that’s kind, but I think I’ll take the tube.  Since it actually goes to where I live!’

And because I’m scared, and I can’t abandon Beatrice – in that order.

‘OK,’ he says.  ‘Well, I’ll walk you to the station.’

I smile.  ‘OK.’

We set off, Sam and Beatrice going on ahead.  After a while, I take his arm.  He looks surprised but glad.  A beggar is sitting on the corner, and we stop whilst he searches his pockets for some change – Freddie, not the beggar.  When we resume walking, he offers me his arm.

Outside the station, we kiss gently on both cheeks.

‘See you on Thursday,’ I say.

‘Look forward to it.’

CC Image courtesy of b0r0da on Flickr

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