Mission: Impossible

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‘Which man are you chasing at the moment?’ Sam says.CC Image courtesy of kricav on Flickr

I don’t chase!

‘No one,’ I say.



I tell him about Mission: Hugo.

‘I did the same thing,’ he says.

Presumably not with Hugo.

‘What do you mean?’ I say.

‘Well, I saw a girl I thought I knew on a dating site…’

Thought you knew. Tenuous.

‘… and so I signed up.’

‘What happened?’ I say.

‘I messaged her… but she didn’t reply. I think she probably thought I was one of those weird stalker types.’

Which you are.

‘So I went on a date with this other girl.  But it wasn’t good.’

‘Oh.’ I laugh. ‘Is this what everyone does – join these sites because they know someone on them who they fancy?!’

Suddenly it all makes perfect sense.

CC Image courtesy of Paul J Everett

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