Mugging Offence

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Let's hear it for the boys!

DISCLAIMER: Only one of the above is the property of MBE.  It was given to her in a spirit of generosity, and love…

Claire waves the mug in the direction of her boyfriend, who is lying slumped on the sofa.

Tom, do you think we can sell this on Amazon?’

‘Wouldn’t bother.’ 

His eyes barely leave the screen; he’s on good form today.

‘Cos if not… .’

He looks up.

‘… we could give – .’

‘I’ll see what it’s worth.’

He does a quick search, brow furrowed in concentration.

‘Nah, she can have it.’ 

Claire hands me the mug.

‘Ooh thank you!’

It’s a big improvement on my last ‘freebie’, anti-wrinkle cream from a great aunt.

Tom frowns.  I’ll bring it when I next visit.

CC Image courtesy of scoutjacobus on Flickr

4 thoughts on “Mugging Offence

  1. i do enjoy your site. It brightens me day and for that I doff my hat. There are less lols then previous posts. This makes me cry real estate agent tears.

    To you I say good day. Sorry for grammar mistakes, I can’t edit thus comment on my phone for some reason. I blaim rising commodity prices.

    • Hi Steven,

      Thanks for your comment. Happy to hear that MBE has a cheering effect 🙂 Hmmm ‘real estate agent tears’ is a new one on me. Guessing they’re like crocodile tears?

      I can sympathise on the ‘love-hate relationship with phone’ front! I hope you two work it out.


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