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‘Have you tried My Single Friend?I say.CC Image courtesy of Roger Blackwell on Flickr

Toby and I are discussing online dating, online.

‘I could write your profile!’ 

Toby is a big fan of colons, and sometimes uses them correctly.  He knows not to wear beige… 

I don’t send this; the colon comment would annoy the crap out of him. Instead I go to the site, and start browsing. Nick’s kinda cute; Sally has this to say about him:

Nick likes meeting new people, seeing new places, and trying new things. 

Like monogamy?

He enjoys the finer things in life.

For a change.

CC Image courtesy of on Flickr

2 thoughts on “My Single Friend

  1. This blog is not for people with a limited vocabulary who know only one meaning for each word.
    I thought for a second that Toby is gay. Would have been an interesting twist.

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