No Sex and the City

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I enter the kitchen where Flatmate is preparing his supper.2806501895_9c9a18e7e2

‘Question,’ I say.

He rolls his eyes.  ‘Oh God.’

I laugh.

‘Let me guess,’ he says.Does he like me?” or… Why hasn’t he texted?” or…’

‘Not exactly,’ I say, ‘but it’s related!  There’s this guy – I’m pretty sure he’s interested, and, well, I really like him but – I don’t know if it’s in that way –’

What did I say?’

‘I know.  “Do I want to rip his clothes off?”  And – well – yes, I think I do, but it’s not that simple.’

‘What do you mean?’ he says.

‘He doesn’t believe in sex before marriage.’

‘Oh God.’

‘He’s kinda the problem.’

‘Just no.  You need to try before you buy, my dear.’

‘I know,’ I say,but – but – I think we’d be really good together.’

Flatmate sighs.  ‘OK, so sex isn’t the be all and end all in a relationship, but it is pretty important.’

‘What if – it’s not?’

I don’t sound convinced.

‘Oh dear.  You obviously haven’t had good sex.’

‘Thanks,’ I say.  ‘I don’t sleep with just anyone!’

‘I realise that.’ 

He once suggested ‘No Sex and the City’ as a name for the blog.

‘As much as anything else,’ he goes on, ‘it‘s just not very flattering if they don’t want to sleep with you.  Of course, you might find, if you were going out, he would feel differently.’

‘I doubt it.’

‘Oh you’d be surprised.  If you’re in bed, and the girl is willing…’


Flatmate sighs again.  ‘Religion has a lot to answer for.’

Amen to that.

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