Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien

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(Continued from Fade In)CC Image courtesy of Lorenzoclick on Flickr

‘I think you should reply.’

Lucy’s the first to say this.  Beatrice, probably because she’d seen first hand the state I was in when I was replying to his messages, had been unequivocal in her advice.  My mother, ditto.  So I’m a bit thrown.

‘Oh… really?’

‘Yeah, why not?’

Because the guy put me on Nytol and I don’t want to go there again.  Because for two weeks I’ve been miserable bordering on depressed.  Because, this way, I’ve regained a little bit of ground.  I’ve won.

As if reading my mind, she goes on, ‘I don’t think there are any winners and losers in this scenario….’


‘… only losers.’

I laugh. ‘Thanks Lucy.’

Her fiancé pipes up, ‘You have to ask yourself Anna, if you don’t reply, will you always regret it?  Will you always wonder what might’ve been?’


Beatrice calls the next day, and in passing I mention that I’m thinking of replying to VP.  We agree it’s fine, if I think I can handle it. I’ve just had some good news at work so I think I can handle anything.

‘It’ll be fine,’ I say.

There’s no way it will be fine, but at least this way, I’ll regret nothing.  Right?

CC Image courtesy of duncan on Flickr

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