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‘How do you know he’s interested?’ Flatmate says.CC Image courtesy of dichohecho on Flickr

Don’t like the question.

‘Errr… he – he asked me to dance?’  I say.

It was the way he did it.

‘And he messaged me on Facebook, and…’

And then I invited him to something, and he kept the conversation going over text…

‘… he texts me…’

And then I might’ve suggested meeting up, though only because he said to let him know if I was working near his offices, and so we went for coffee…

‘… and we had coffee?’ I wind up.

I guess he could just be being friendly.

‘Right.  How do you know he isn’t just being friendly?’ 


‘Because… I don’t.’

‘OK, so your expectations are the reason you get hurt and stressed about these things.  You have to have no expectations.’


‘I know,’ I say.  ‘I know!’

I do – sort of.

Flatmate goes on:

Until you’ve been seeing a guy regularly for at least two months, he’s just playing with you.’ 

I cross my arms and scowl.

‘He’s not allowed to play with me.’

Get out of the sandpit.

CC Image courtesy of foilman on Flickr


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