Once Upon a Time…

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‘I’m not reading your blog unless I’m in it.’

This was a first.

‘Especially since you said you had written something about me and then not put it in!’

‘Yeah, well…’

It went like this.

A met B.  A thougCC Image courtesy of ynse on Flickrht B was gorgeous (which he is) and charming (which he also is).  B was oblivious.  A thought it was only wise to create distance between herself and B, who she barely ever saw, even less contacted.  They continued to meet at intervals, always in company.

It’s eighteen months after they first met.  B texts A suggesting they meet up for coffee.  A unintentionally plays hard to get.  (This must be true, because A doesn’t have it in her DNA to play hard to get.)  B eventually pins her down (not in the exciting sense) and coffee is scheduled.  B rocks up twenty minutes late.

They’re awaiting the bill, which he insists on paying.

‘So what do you write if your date is twenty minutes late?’



He offers to drive her home.  They walk to the car; he suggests supper at his.  They spend a pleasant evening together.  Come 11pm, he suggests watching a film.  She politely declines; she has an early start (she does) and is already very tired (she is – shattered).  He drives her home.

A and B are now good friends.

B is still charming and gorgeous.

CC Image courtesy of huntz on Flickr

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