One in Three

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CC Image courtesy of papalamour on FlickrClaire calls for a long overdue catch-up.  Well, I call her: free minutes etc.  She asks about the business plan for the blog.

Eventually I stop laughing long enough to say,

‘Well, it’s not going to generate any income in the near future – it’s more of a long-term thing – basically I need a back-up plan.’

‘Hmmm, I see,’ she says.  ‘So it might not take off until you’re, like, 40, and then you might be dead the next day?’

The eternal optimist.

‘Well… to be honest, if I’m still dating at 40, I’ll probably kill myself!’

‘Yeah, well, the blog would be about something else by then, like… married life, or….’

‘Divorce?’ I say.  ‘I could call it ‘One In Three’?’

‘Or ‘Join the Club’?’

I can hear Tom grumbling in the background.  He probably wants his mug back.

CC Image courtesy of The Kozy Shack

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