Opposites Attract

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CC Image courtesy of HotGossipItalia on FlickrM&S guy bore an uncanny resemblance to Richard Armitage. Then there was Jonathan CakeBen Whishaw and more recently Tobias Menzies.

This week I’m going on a date with Eddie Redmayne. Yum. It helps that I have a weakness for redheads. Not so good is the fact we seem to have, like, nothing in common. And I mean NOTHING. He’s an ex-pro cyclist working in wealth management who hates cooking and, I quote, is ‘not going to take up ballroom dancing anytime soon’. (For the record, I didn’t suggest that he did.)

I’m an all-cooking, all-dancing copywriter who the one time she cycled in London collided with the wing mirror of a stationary vehicle. Hmm.

CC Image courtesy of Daquella Manera on Flickr

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