Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

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I’m looking for my purse when Beatrice arrives.CC Image courtesy of Orofacial on Flickr

‘Is that a toothbrush in your bag?’


‘Why do you have a toothbrush with you?’

Let me think…

A voice comes from behind me.  ‘I always bring a toothbrush to work.’

I turn to find myself face-to-face with Adam, looking gorgeous in burgundy.

‘Thank you, Adam.’  I turn back to Beatrice.  ‘See?  Perfectly normal.  I’m just going to get a drink.’

When I get back, she and Adam are chatting.

‘… I make soda bread,’ he finishes up.

Beatrice looks at me.

I smile.  ‘So do I!’

‘Wow.  Toothbrushes and soda bread.  You must be soulmates.’

Thank you Beatrice.

'You must be soul mates'

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