Sex Before Christmas

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The hostess and I are alone in the kitchen.  I take the opportunity to say:

‘Michael’s nice!’

Her face falls. 

‘Oh. You like who I like.’

‘Shit, I had no idea.’

‘It’s fine.  And anyway, he likes you.’

Don’t ask, not on her birthday. 

‘How do you know?’

Well done.

‘I’ve known him for ages.  I can tell.’ 


Later that night he adds me on Facebook.  I book the church.  Joke.  Definitely a joke, because Facebook informs me that Michael is a Roman Catholic.  I wouldn’t know which church to book.

The next day I text my friend, thanking her for a wonderful party.

‘P.S. Is M a v. devout Catholic?’

‘Afraid he is, but I think he can get used to the idea of mingling with non catholics.’ 

I wonder how loose her definition of mingling is.  

‘Why do you ask?’

Because I plan on getting laid before the year is out.

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